Apr.21.20172017 World Masters Games Auckland has finally begun!

About 70 people participated in the opening ceremony held on April 21st from the organizing committee, including Governor Toshizo Ido of Hyogo Prefectural Office Minister (the chairman of the organizing committee), the representatives of the prefectures and government-designated municipalities, and the parties concerned. We will be expecting about 150 participants at the closing ceremony scheduled on the 30th, including Chairman Shosuke Mori of Kansai Economic Federation (the chairman of the organizing committee).

The organizing committee will be caryying out the following activities in Auckland.
Let’s heat up the Auckland games and the Kansai games together!

1.“Wire report of the 2017 World Masters Games Auckland”
Transmission of inspection information and the venue of the Auckland games via the WMG2021 Kansai web page, and official Facebook. Also, we will be distributing the report of the games on “The BORDERLESS,” a web media specialized in sports.
The BORDERLESS home page URL:http://theborderless.jp/
*this content is in Japanese language only.

2.“PR supporter of the Kansai World Masters Games 2021”
We recruited participants of the 2017 World Masters Games Auckland from Japan. Eventually, over 100 people raised their hands to cooperate. Cooperators will be promoting the event at each sports venue, wearing original t-shirts and displaying PR cards specially made for the Kansai games.

3.“Internet distribution of the interview video of 2017 World Masters Games Auckland”
We will be interviewing the participants of the Auckland games. Those who cooperated will be given original gifts of WMG 2021. The footage of the interview will be posted on the official Facebook and the official YouTube channel.
WMG2021 Kansai Official Facebook URL:https://www.facebook.com/wmg2021/
Official YouTube Channel URL:https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCKxq6J5Tnip46pnv368lF_Q/

4.“PR booth at the Kansai World Masters Games 2021”
We will be setting a booth for the Kansai World Masters Games 2021 at Queens Wharf for a total of 15 days, beginning April 16th to April 30th. The Kansai games, the next venue of the games held in year 2021, will be promoted at the booth. Leaflets and video images will be utilized to deliver the attraction of the cities that make up Kansai. Moreover, visitors will be able to experience ground golf and origami making at the booth and will be able to take a photo in front of the photogenic sakura (cherry blossom) panel. Please feel free to drop by at Queens Wharf.