The Kansai region is surrounded by the Pacific Ocean, the Seto Inland Sea, and the Sea of Japan. It is located in the center of Japanese islands.

It has a large low field comprising the Kyoto/Nara basin and Osaka plain that is surrounded by the smooth highland in the north and by the steep mountains in the south. In the center, is there the Lake Biwa that is the largest fresh water lake in Japan. The mountainous areas are generally of about 1,000 m height and most of the rivers run through the plain to the seas.
The climate also varies from the warm weather along the seas to the cold in the inland area where temperature differences are significant with much snow in the winter, especially along the Japan Sea. There exist many beautiful spots that represent the natural beauty in Japan against background of the seasonal changes.

As the heartland of Japan for over a millennium, the Kansai region has been a historical and cultural treasure, priceless to the whole world. In addition, it virtually overflows with diverse attractions ranging from traditional craft-making techniques to cutting-edge technology and pop culture.

Kansai is home to over 20 million people and plenty of shops, restaurants, and entertainment facilities, as well as a convenient transportation network to support it all.

Sports, tourism, and more – there’s plenty to enjoy in Kansai.

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